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Problem of Facet Arthropathy


The problem of facet arthropathy can be quite daunting and can lead to a decline in your lifestyle. In order to understand this condition, let us take a look at the facet joints. Facet joints exist in your spine and are responsible for holding the vertebrae together. The human spine is made up of 24 vertebrae and each of them has a facet joint in between them.

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Category : Lumbar Facet Arthropathy

Definition of Lumbar Facet Arthropathy


The definition of lumbar facet arthropathy can be understood by taking a look at the facet joints that exist in the spine. Basically, our spine is made up of 24 vertebrae that are connected to each other for forming the spinal column. These 24 vertebrae are interconnected through the means of facet joints that ensure proper functioning of the spine. A facet joint is a combination of ligaments, synovial fluid and smooth cartilage and it is an important anatomical structure for the spine.

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Category : Facet Hypertrophy

What is Facet Hypertrophy?


The answer to ‘what is facet hypertrophy’ can only be achieved by taking a look at the facet joints that exist in the spine. Facet joints are an important part of the spine as they are responsible for proper synchronization of the vertebrae that lie in the spinal column. The facet joints ensure that there is proper synchronization in the vertebrae and the spinal column has the required flexibility and dexterity.

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Category : Bilateral Facet Arthropathy

Condition of Bilateral Facet Arthropathy


The condition of bilateral facet arthropathy defines the seriousness of the facet arthropathy affecting the spinal joints in a patient. Basically, the spine comprises of certain facet joints that are responsible for ensuring the proper movement and flexibility of the spine. The facet joints are present in between each of the vertebrae that are present in the spine.