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Bilateral Facet Arthropathy

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Category : Bilateral Facet Arthropathy

Condition of Bilateral Facet Arthropathy


The condition of bilateral facet arthropathy defines the seriousness of the facet arthropathy affecting the spinal joints in a patient. Basically, the spine comprises of certain facet joints that are responsible for ensuring the proper movement and flexibility of the spine. The facet joints are present in between each of the vertebrae that are present in the spine. These are responsible for ensuring the proper movement, lubrication and flexibility of the vertebrae. However, sometimes, the facet joints tend to get affected and go into a degenerative stage. Due to this degeneration, the problem of facet arthropathy arises in the body. Symptoms of extreme facet joint pain and trouble develop in the body and it is essential that the condition is taken care of.


What Leads to Facet Arthropathy?


The exact causes of facet arthropathy are not clear, but there are some conditions that can lead to the problem of facet arthropathy. The most common condition that leads to the development of facet arthropathy is known as degeneration. Degeneration affects all kinds of joints and a case of facet arthropathy is seen as a type of degenerative arthritis. Facet arthritis can lead to several problems in the spine, and can even cause some severe cases of spinal problems. Apart from the regular degeneration of the joints, facet arthropathy can even be caused by back injuries. Torn ligaments and fractures in this region can also contribute to the development of facet arthropathy. It is essential that these conditions and causes are studied as they prove to be helpful while treating a case of facet arthropathy. Degenerative facet arthropathy needs proper treatment and assistance to prevent it from transforming into something nasty.


Facet Injections and Facet Arthropathy Treatment


The combination of medications, physiotherapy and facet injections are known to treat a case of facet arthropathy. While physiotherapy ensures that proper posture is attained and all the painful orientations of the spine are gotten rid of, medications ensure that the pain due to facet arthropathy is controlled. Facet injections are known to provide temporary relief from the pain and are used in almost all cases of facet arthritis. While these methods can bring relief, steroids are sometimes injected to ensure relief from facet joint pain. Bilateral facet arthropathy is a warning sign of a severe, upcoming spine problem and it is essential that you handle the condition on time.

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