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Facet Arthropathy

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Category : Facet Arthropathy

Problem of Facet Arthropathy


The problem of facet arthropathy can be quite daunting and can lead to a decline in your lifestyle. In order to understand this condition, let us take a look at the facet joints. Facet joints exist in your spine and are responsible for holding the vertebrae together. The human spine is made up of 24 vertebrae and each of them has a facet joint in between them. Anatomically, a facet joint is surrounded by 2 vertebrae and is responsible for proper functioning of the spine. Whenever there is a problem in the facet joint, it can lead to issues with the entire spinal column. This kind of problem is known as facet arthropathy, along with some other subtypes.


Types of Facet Arthropathy


There are a few types of facet arthropathy and it depends upon the location where the facet joints have been affected. Starting with the most common type of facet arthropathy, lumbar facet arthropathy, we find that this type of facet arthropathy occurs in the lower back of the person. With time, the facet joints degenerate and this problem arises in the lower back of the patient. Bad posture and several other factors can bring about a case of lumbar facet arthropathy and it is necessary that such a condition is taken seriously. The next type of facet arthropathy is known as cervical facet arthropathy and it arises in the neck. The condition is characterized by extreme facet joint pain and leads to difficulty in flexing the neck. It is essential that these conditions are diagnosed and treated on time as their ignorance can lead to the development of a wide variety of problems in the spine. The symptoms of facet arthropathy are generally associated with chronic facet joint pain that can be present in the lower back or the neck.


Treating Degenerative Facet Arthropathy


There are several ways through which you can take care of degenerative facet arthropathy. While surgery is not employed for treating a case of facet arthropathy, physiotherapy and medications are usually used for taking care of this condition. Medications are used to alleviate the pain while physiotherapy aims at improving postures and muscle strength in the region. The condition of facet arthropathy is not hard to treat, it only requires some effort and routine sessions to ensure proper recovery of the facet joints.

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