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Facet Hypertrophy

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What is Facet Hypertrophy?


The answer to ‘what is facet hypertrophy’ can only be achieved by taking a look at the facet joints that exist in the spine. Facet joints are an important part of the spine as they are responsible for proper synchronization of the vertebrae that lie in the spinal column. The facet joints ensure that there is proper synchronization in the vertebrae and the spinal column has the required flexibility and dexterity. However, due to facet arthritis and degeneration, the facet joints tend to get impacted and facet arthropathy is brought about. As a result, the body tries to strengthen the joint by affecting bone growth in the region. Due to this, there is an enlargement of the facet joints, leading to the condition of facet hypertrophy. Usually, lumbar area of the back tends to get affected by facet hypertrophy. With time, the condition worsens and undue pressure is put on the spinal cord. As a result, the facet arthropathy leads to the normal arthritic process and finally culminates into the condition of facet hypertrophy.


Impact of Facet Arthritis


The cases of facet arthropathy and facet hypertrophy are seen as an impact of facet arthritis. Basically, facet arthritis can take different forms and different outcomes are possible in this condition. While facet arthropathy is related to the degeneration of the facet joints and facet joint pain in the spine, facet hypertrophy is all about the response of the body to the development of facet arthritis. Facet hypertrophy leads to accumulation of bone in the affected facet joint, leading to enlargement of the joint and further problems for the body. The cases of facet arthropathy and facet hypertrophy are interrelated and can bring about severe problems. It is essential that such cases are taken care of at the earliest through different methods, like medications, facet injections and physiotherapy.


Facet Injections for Treating Facet Arthritis


The concept of facet injections for treating facet arthritis has been in application since a long time. Medications and facet injections ensure that the facet joint pain is controlled and physiotherapy methods are effective. With time, and by pursuing these treatment methods, we can treat a case of facet arthropathy and prevent facet hypertrophy from settling in the spine.



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